About Real Life 360

For two years, viewers have grown to love Real Life – a full hour of information, advice, and diverse, life-changing segments.  Now, in season 3, Real Life returns with a new twist!  With its new format, the second half of Real Life becomes Real Life 360 – with shorter, fast-paced segments; to-the-point interviews; and even more inspiring segments …

Join our Real Life team as we takes a 360-degree look at abundant living in Christ!  Featuring: exciting stories and guests who focus on health, exercise, entertainment and other lifestyle topics … musical artists who shine the love of God into the lives of viewing family … and weekly Bible teaching.  You will feel refreshed, encouraged, and challenged every day!

Premieres September 7th @ 9:30 AM ET (following the 9 AM premiere of Real Life, Season 3).  Airs: Weekdays @ 9:30 AM, 8:30 PM & 1:30 AM ET.